Glitter and Glam of the Riviera’s

Windstar Pride – “180 degrees from Ordinary”


Once we checked in on the Star Pride, we were shown to our room by our cabin attendant, who then proceeded to give us the low down on the cabin, facilities and anything else we needed to know that he could help us with.  I was staying in a cabin right next to the stairs on the deck plan and I heard no noise at all. 

Our room was amazing! We had a bathtub with dual sinks, walk in robe and a whole huge living area and a Bose sound dock for  music. I don’t think I turned the TV on once! The ship produces its own water for drinking and offer you daily sparkling and still water for your room. 

Dinner most nights was in Amphora, the dining room and this was just a casual open dining seating.  There was a large group setting for us for between 7.30 and 8pm every night. It was really nice to dine together and find out everyone’s adventures of the day.

There are only 2 lounges on board this ship, one is called the Compass Rose where the casino is also located and a lovely couple played piano and sang every night.  There wasn’t a nightclub like the big ships but the guests were always up for some dancing when a good song was played.

Compass Rose

Windstar Pride ported at Port Vendres, a pretty little fishing village. Almost all the ports were full of these lovely little pettit trains; which costs between 5-10 euro to jump on and see the sights. Was really great for a hot summers day in Europe.  

The highlight of my trip on the ship was in Monaco. After wandering off the ship and seeing the sights on a very hot day, it was great to arrive back to find that they had lowered the back of the ship and pulled out the sports platform.  The Sports Platform consisted of a pool, some kayaks, tubing attached a the speedboat and various flotation devices to just swim off the back of the ship with. In Monaco….with the amazing view it was just perfect!! 

Portofino is another amazing port. We got off the ship into some little rubber duckie boats to the stunning shore. From here we had the option of going to Cinque Terre or partaking in local pizza, beer and sight seeing.  The view of the towns is just stunning and is easy to get around by boat or bus at reasonable prices.  If you got off the ship early enough you could go to Cinque Terre by boat but you need the whole day to do this. 

I love Europe, but seeing Europe on a ship is a completely different experience and I had a great time!

Written by Leigh Pugsley