Swept Away by Broome

Infinity’s own Dan Massingham took a group of travel agents to Western Australia to experience the beauty of Broome, this is his story.

When the town was first developed, Broome attracted many Japanese workers, which now has an influence on today’s Asian food and architecture. Famous for its pearling industry and aboriginal culture, Broome is a very popular destination and it’s not hard to see why.

As we flew over the ocean, the first thing that I noticed, was the amazing colour of the water mixed with the red soil, which created a unique backdrop.

Beautiful Red against the Blue Water

Upon arriving at Cable Beach Resort we were not too sure what to expect. The lush bush that surrounds the resorts acreage keeps this amazing oasis a secret. With a touch of Asian decor and a laid back beach feel, this property is the only resort that captures the entirety of it’s region. The surf culture of Cable Beach creates a way of living that I have not seen anywhere else in the world. From free Yoga sessions to the only L’occitaine branded spa in the world, this resort is truly an amazing place.

The Windjana gorge and Tunnel Creak Tour would have to be one of the longest day tours I have ever been on, but the reward at the end of the long drive, through what appears to be an endless desert is amazing. Our coach driver kept us entertained with some great stories of the region. Once we arrived, we visited the Boab Prison Tree, which was where the prisoners were held. We could see the Windjana Gorge, where the gun fights were carried out, which made us feel like we were part of the action.

The main highlight for me was Tunnel Creek. We crawled over rocks, waded through water and explored small caves filled with sparkling crystals, which made me feel like I was getting to see something that not many people get to experience. At one point I did feel a little nervous as a crocodile jumped into the water where we had just walked through but in true outback style our chilled guide was not phased and told us just to continue.

Tunnel Creek

As we left the caves at the end of our tour I heard a high-pitched scream. We were all a bit worried that someone had been injured but it turned out to be a King Brown snake on the path outside (one of Australia’s most deadly snakes). Needless to say our guide took it in his stride to make sure no one got hurt, which just added to our fun. The tour was quite a long day and is not recommended for those that can not walk well but it was a great experience.

With a unique landscape and a mix of cultures Broome is definitely a must see destination!

Written by Daniel Massingham