Every Shade Of Blue You Never Knew…

This is it. The quintessential postcard picture you’ve been dreaming of dropping yourself into. The one you placed on your wall at work. The image that couldn’t be this real.

But today we discovered it. The bluest of blues ever to be seen, in the Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands.

There are many reputable operators taking guests out to the Lagoon, we chose to explore with Wet n Wild Adventures, hosted by the entertaining owner/operator Quinton.

Aitutaki lagoon_Cris

It wasn’t long before we started to see the incredible blue hues that Aitutaki is renowned for – ranging from azure, to aqua, to pale blue – an almost zebra effect of blues as you looked out to the horizon.

After a short water taxi we stopped for our first snorkel, to view the most incredibly large clams I’ve ever seen, the visibility crystal clear.

Huge Giant Trevally swam around us, all the more frenetic when Quinton threw fish in.

Our next stop was Honeymoon Island – the whitest of sand you didn’t dare take your sunglasses off – time to swim, sunbake, and enjoy a feast of barbecued Mahi Mahi, and a delectable array of salads, the standout favourite being the curry pawpaw salad – divine.

Aitutaki lagoon

We then ventured on to ‘One Foot Island’ – named after a beautiful legend of a father who very cleverly tricked attackers on their land by mimicking over his son’s footsteps to the centre of the island, asked the son to climb the tree, so the predators were tricked to believing only he was on the island, and thus spared his son’s life.  Most days you can have your passport stamped here (the impression of a foot!), however not on Sunday visits.

One Foot Island had the silty sand bottom, some land to explore, and the perfect spot for our last swim in Aitutaki lagoon.  No day is complete however without a bit of adventure, so we all jumped onboard the idea to finish with some tubing – a fun end to what was an amazing day in the bluest of blue lagoons.

Written by Cristina Cali, Marketing Manager, Infinity Holidays