Bali’s Best Surf Breaks

Bali has some of the best breaks in the world which makes it a fantastic destination for surfing.

The dry season of April to October is the most consistent time for surf where The Bukit Peninsula, stretching from Uluwatu, through Padang Padang, Impossibles, Bingin and Balangan pump during this time.

The swells start to pick up from April to November, where the waves can be as big as 12 ft. During these months, experienced surfers flock to this tropical paradise to enjoy some of Indonesia’s biggest waves.


Kuta and its sister beaches are the best locations for beginners, where soft tides and small waves make this the easiest beach to try out your surfing skills. It is best to leave areas such as Padang Padang and Impossibles to the more confident surfers, as these beaches have some nasty sharp reefs.

The wet season runs from December to March with smaller waves and fewer crowds. Board shorts are the norm in Indo, due to the warm water temperature. A wetsuit top is handy on some windy or stormy days, but the tropical temps here will be melting the wax off your board.

Uluwatu is one of the most famous spots in Bali for good waves, which means, it can get a little crowded. Located at the southern end of Bali, Uluwatu attracts many intermediate to experienced surfers. The area is split into 4 sections; Temples, The Peak, Outside Corner and Racetrack. Racetrack is favourable due to its super fast barrels and Outside Corner is considered to have some of the best waves in the world!

Bingin has consistent waves and is the perfect location if you want to practice barrel riding. This spot is located at Pecatu Village (run by locals) in the South Kuta district and offers stunning views.

Facing South and located at the bottom of a cliff, Green Ball is mainly for the pro’s. Not only are there around 500 steps to climb up and down but this beach has very strong currents that can take your board away.

Keramas beautiful black sandy beach throws out big and fast waves and is one of the hot surfing sports in Bali. Starting off as a secret location only the locals knew this stretch of beach is now frequently visited by keen surfers.

Just north of Keramas, and only 15 minutes from Sanur, is where you will find Cucukan Beach. Also producing great waves, this is a great place to go when Keramas is crowded.

Home to some of the best waves, Nusa Lembongan is a surfers playground. The 3 Surf breaks found in this area are Shipwrecks, Playground and Lacerations. Lacerations is the pick of the bunch offering shallow fast waves, but is mainly accessible by either paddling out (approximately 20 minutes) or taking a taxi boat out to the line up (highly recommended).


Padang Padang is a well-known and popular surfing location in Bali with spectacular sunsets. The best time to surf is during the dry season when the winds flow from southwest to the west and create powerful big waves.

Suluban’s secluded surf point is perched on White Stone Hill and offers world-class waves and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. This beach eventually joins up with Uluwatu Beach and together is the perfect location for wave chasing enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for quality top waves, then look no further then Impossibles, where the waves are fast, strong (over 5ft) and great for good surfers. Located on the southern part of Bali, in between Bingin and Padang Padang, the stretch of Impossibles surf, produce some of the best photogenic waves in the world.

Mellow Dreamland is a great spot for beginners, long boarders, body boarders and intermediate surfers. Considered alot tamer the others, Dreamland’s white sand, crystal clear waters and panoramic views are a favourite amongst surfers.

Located towards the southern peninsula Balangan is one stunner of a beach. The swells are generally big and offer inconsistent waves of around 4-8 ft high. With rides of up to 500 metres long, even the pros will find enjoyment here.

Airport Left and Airport Right has waves 1 km out from both sides of the Ngurah Rai International Airport runway. To preserve energy for the waves, it is best to hire a local boat to get yourself out to the reefs. Airport left is generally alot busier although Airport Right’s smaller waves are perfect for beginner to intermediate surfers.

Canggu, situated ten kilometres west of Denpasar is known to have something for everyone. With a long stretch of black sand and big waves, and Canguu is one of the local’s favourites, which means it’s usually quite crowded.

Serangan Beach is located in a small island, 5-7km from Denpasar. The spot is visited by all kinds of surfers and is best surfed at mid tide. If you want to escape the crowds, head to the left side peak.

There are always waves in Nusa Dua, which make it truly a haven for surfers. Mushroom Rock and Black Rock, close to the shore are the most surfed spots in Nusa Dua and are known for getting some of the best waves. The Nusa Dua Reef break is located quite far out so it may be a good idea to get a local to take you out on a boat.

Seminyak Beach is located towards the northern end of Legian Beach and offers fast waves, welcoming both beginner and expert surfers. This place has a pretty cool vibe but can get very crowded.

Located on the east side of Bali, Sanur Beach consists of two main reefs, Sanur Reef and Tandjung Reef. These reefs can create the perfect swell.  As the reefs are quite far out, it is recommended to take a boat out. Always watch out for other surfers, as this spot can get very crowded.

Written By Naomi Wengier, Digital Marketing