Highlights of Tokyo

Lilly from Infinity Marketing smiles as she recounts her experience from a trip to Japan, where she spent 8 days in the quirky but fascinating city of Tokyo and was also lucky enough to be visiting during cherry blossom season. She gives us a little recap of her holiday.

“Japan is even more alive during cherry blossom season and is definitely one of the best times to visit. One day when I was walking down a street tunnelled with soft pink flowers, I was just in awe of the beautiful surroundings; the air had such a majestic feel to it. I also remember the excitement that came over me when I first saw full visibility of Mt Fuji. It was so picture perfect – just like a postcard.

The locals were very friendly, welcoming and helpful, especially when I got a little lost and had a kind lady show me back to my hotel. There were so many places to visit in Tokyo, and one afternoon I decided to venture to the beautiful Imperial Palace gardens. By the time I got there, the whole place was empty and I was lucky enough to have the afternoon completely to myself ­– it was incredible.

One of my favourite experiences was witnessing three traditional Japanese weddings while visiting three different temples. The Geisha’s looked absolutely amazing and I could not contain my excitement that I was able to see this beautiful tradition three times.

The food in Japan was delicious, and Tokyo had so many food courts and restaurants to choose from. I found a little boutique right in the heart of it all, which had a great choice of cuisine.

The place I had chosen didn’t speak any English, so I had to order a vegetarian meal using hand gestures and trying to say ‘vegetables’ in Japanese. It was really funny, and thankfully they understood and I received the right meal.

I had a fascinating and extraordinary experience eating at a restaurant where the waiters were dressed as cats. Not only that, there were pictures of cat images on the menu and I had to meow my order. It was very entertaining watching other customers order their food.

One thing I will advise first time visitors is to make sure you fly into the right airport, as Tokyo has two airports and one is quite far away. I found this out after a $300AUD taxi after I went the wrong way – ouch!”

When asked to sum up her experience in this fascinating country, Lilly responded excitedly “Japan was absolutely spellbinding, incredible and magical. I would go back there in a heartbeat!”

Written by Naomi Wengier, Infinity Digital Marketing on behalf of Lilly Mcvea, Infinity Marketing