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Hawaii for the first time

Hawaii lures its visitors with a promise of stunning beaches, cultural experiences and active volcanoes. Julie, a Brisbane Infinity Holidays Consultant enjoyed all this and more while on a recent visit to Hawaii.… Continue reading

The Drums of Hawaii

First stop for us was Maui, which we were told is the only Island in Hawaii to be named after a God.  The story goes that the land was dragged up out of… Continue reading

Which Disney Pass is right for me

Disneyland Resort, California. The original Disneyland Park opened in Anaheim, California in 1955.  In 2016 the park will celebrate its 60th Anniversary, and a lot has changed since its opening those many eons… Continue reading

The Ultimate Film & TV Lovers Guide to Exploring LA

Star-struck in LA. LA is, without question, the home of film and television.  Hundreds of aspiring Aussie actors each year flock to the bright lights of Hollywood to try their hand at making… Continue reading

Los Angeles & Santa Monica

This is our Infinity Experience visiting Los Angeles & Santa Monica, below are reviews of the hotels we stayed in the and tours went on.


Last month I was lucky enough to co-host Infinity’s first ever educational to Washington – boy – what have we been waiting for?!?! What an amazing city! Hand on heart I can say the group… Continue reading